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Wild Blueberry Organic Sugar Cane

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The taste of fresh, whole blueberries explodes in your mouth.
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Known as one of the world's "superfruits," blueberries are known not only for their phenomenal flavor and out of this world indigo color, but also for their nourishing antioxidants and rich nutrients. North American born, this little fruit packs a punch of flavor. Our Wild Blueberry sugar incorporates all of these integral aspects of whole blueberries and combines them with natural and organic cane sugar to make a beautifully colored, wholesomely sweet package.

Wild Blueberry Sugar
Straight from the wild blueberry fields and condensed into a deliciously sweet package, the taste of fresh, whole blueberries explodes in your mouth. The beautiful indigo color of blueberry sugar will make you want to use it on everything.

Sweet: Top a fresh berry tart with whipped cream and sprinkle with blueberry sugar.
Fresh: Toss with fresh spinach, walnuts and a vinaigrette for a fruity summer salad.
Savory: Sprinkle over grilled salmon with balsamic vinegar for a sweet demi-glaze.
Liquid: Rim a blueberry cosmopolitan or a virgin pina colada for a frosty treat.
Twist: Mix blueberry sugar into pancake batter for a sweet, blueberry addition.

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