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Recycled Scrap Firestarter Wax - Price per lb.

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Recycled Scrap Firestarter Wax
Part Number: BWRSFW
We make a lot of candles. We don't always pour all the wax we melt. Sometimes candles don't turn out like we expected. Sometimes it's just scraps sitting around of different colors and/or scents. Whatever the reason, it's a great deal for you, low cost, and perfect material to use to make firestarters inexpensively.

Product Description:

These are mixed lots of all types of paraffin and soy waxes. Some lots may be scented and colors will vary from very pale shades to dark shades.
Sizes & shapes of wax pieces will also vary.

Some Firestarter Ideas
* large pine cones - small pine cones
* wax paper rolls - buffalo chips
* egg cartons - portion cups

Portion Cup Firestarter Instructions
- materials - paper portion cups (3 oz)
- scrap wax
- wood shavings (not sawdust or hardwood)

Fill cups with shavings. Pour 150-160 deg Fahrenheit melted wax in cups almost to top. Let cool. Dribble on colored wax (optional).

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