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Espresso Organic Sugar Cane

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Espresso sugar combines the warmth and classic taste of Italy.
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With a birthplace as alluring as Italy, it is no wonder that a classically brewed shot of espresso has an inherent glamour and cache with many Americans and coffee-lovers worldwide. Brewed from a rich, dark roast, Espresso sugar combines the warmth and classic taste of Italy with the pure sweetness of natural cane sugar to serve up a classic, robust taste and aroma, while adding flavor and pop to desserts, drinks and rich entrees.

Espresso Sugar
The Pacific Northwest's favorite drink, condensed into the perfect sprinkle-able gourmet topping. This case uses real espresso melded with the sweetness of cane sugar to create a unique and robust flavor.

Sweet: Top chocolate chip cookies, especially with bittersweet chips.
Fresh: Sprinkle espresso sugar over plain yogurt for a morning pick-me-up.
Savory: Mix Espresso sugar with sea salt, use as a spice rub for steak before grilling.
Liquid: Rim an espresso martini made with coffee-flavored liqueur and vodka.
Twist: Sprinkle Espresso sugar on toast spread with peanut butter.

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