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Dark Cocoa Organic Sugar Cane

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Lift your mood and indulge your sweet tooth.
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Responsibly hand-grown and harvested, this gourmet organic, fair trade sugar is combined with rich and sultry dark cocoa. A native of South America, the cacao tree yields one of the most well-known and well-loved flavors of all time. Lift your mood and indulge your sweet tooth with our cane Dark Cocoa sugar. An ideal addition to any recipe to satisfy those chocolaty cravings and add a dash of cocoa flavor, this is a staple for any chocolate lover's kitchen.

Dark Cocoa Sugar
It's chocolate sugar. Do you even have to ask? There is a natural synergy with this mahogany cocoa and cane sugar creation. Just try to resist Dark Cocoa sugar and its tempting flavor!

Sweet: Liberally top vanilla ice cream, then add fresh raspberries or pecans.
Fresh: Sprinkle Dark Cocoa sugar over sliced strawberries.
Savory: Add Dark Cocoa sugar to your favorite chili, tasty with a dash of Cinnamon too.
Liquid: Rim your favorite dairy-based drink – White Russians are perfect.
Twist: Try sprinkling Dark Cocoa sugar on top of pancakes or French toast.

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